Jall Cowasji is a cinematographer from a town called Mhow in central India, currently working between New York and Mumbai. He has shot numerous award-winning short films and documentaries, shown at venues such as the Oscar qualifying Austin Film Festival, and the International Film Festival of India. In 2014, he shot the Indian National Award winning documentary Qissa-e Parsi, and will be shooting his first feature film later this year. Jall is a recipient of the Nikon Storytellers Scholarship, and finalist for the prestigious ARRI Volker Bahnemann Award for Outstanding Cinematography 2019.

Currently a thesis student at NYU’s Graduate Film program, Jall is drawn to stories that are honest and unafraid to challenge convention or seek levity in serious matters. He holds sacred the bond of trust with a director, and treasures the collaborative process of crafting a visual language that best serves a story.

When he’s not working, Jall enjoys returning to the calm of his ancestral bungalow, a place that first inspired his love of light and photography.